Darlington Presbyterian Church
History of Our Church

   Darlington Presbyterian Church has served our community since 1827 by giving witness to God’s love through our worship, our education ministries, and our outreach.We have enjoyed through the years the blessings of God’s Spirit calling, transforming, and renewing people’s lives through the faithful ministries of our people and Church Staff. William Brearley, who was the first of ten pastors who served our Church, spoke of almost continuous revival between 1848 and 1852. According to God’s pleasure, our church has experienced this amazing work of the Spirit over the years, which has shaped the love and prayer life of our congregation. 


   The Church building has had several expansions. The present building was erected in 1926, which included the sanctuary and the Hewitt Educational Building, which is named in memory of Carl and Juanita Hewitt given by their parents Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Hewitt. When the great depression hit our community in the 1930’s, we still had a large debt on the building. Dr. T. Ellison Simpson, who was our pastor at the time, recommended that we observe a day of loyalty in which members could bring a special offering to help retire the debt. At Loyalty Day in 1943, Mr. Pauling mounted a chair and announced that with the offering that day, the balance of the debt had been wiped out. The congregation responded by singing “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow”. This was the beginning of a wonderful celebration each year. We hope you will join us for Loyalty Day on the second Sunday of October!


   The next expansion of the Church building was the McCown Building, which is our Fellowship Hall. This building was dedicated on October 18, 1964, and it was gift of Elder E.M. and Bess McCown. If you have joined us on Wednesday Night for a delicious meal or attended one of our programs, you have enjoyed the blessings of this gift. It is the place where friendships, faith, and good meals are enjoyed in the life of our church.


   The last building is the Warren Wardlaw Building, which was built in 1979 and named in appreciation of a beloved pastor of our church. It connects the McCown Building and the Hewitt Educational Building. In this building, you will find a church library, two adult Sunday School Classrooms, and staff offices. We hope you will come by and say hello to our staff!


   Our members are also committed to evangelism and outreach. Thirty-five percent of our budget goes to mission and outreach projects beyond our church. Each year we send a mission team to Mexico. In terms of local mission, our church has been involved with the start up of the Free Medical Clinic, The Lord Cares Ministry and the Darlington County Habitat for Humanity. We encourage you to check out our mission webpage to learn more about these ministries and other mission opportunities we support.


   God has used and is using many people in our congregation to do great things. We hope you will consider becoming part of our Church History by joining us in future great endeavors as we seek to make much of God’s love by sharing Christ’s grace as a fellowship of hope in Darlington and beyond.

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